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What is TFT

TFT is a UK based - yet internationally recognised - friendly, independent Foreign Exchange educational organisation with one sole purpose…to help others through their FOREX journey.

Our founder, Shaun Mapp, created the TFT group with the aim of helping tradesmen who were looking to spend more quality time back with their loved ones. He knew that the amount of hard work, graft, and energy that we pour into our trades often goes under-appreciated. He had a desire to help people like himself get off the tools and get their time back rather than quoting jobs or chasing late invoices!

We are not professional traders, nor qualified to provide stable financial advice; but what we do bring to the table is an openness and honesty which can be hard to find. Together we have over 22 years’ worth of trading experience, with numerous failures behind us; all of which have made us into the consistent, meticulous traders we are today. We are all human, and it’s important to remember that we do lose from time to time, and anyone that tells you differently is likely lying to you!

The FOREX markets require you to be many things, but the top characteristics we would identify are;

● Patience

● Consistency

● Adaptable

And most importantly, always stay as sharp as possible because the unexpected is just around the corner!

Unlike many others, we will never over exaggerate and claim we are the best and most talented out there. We have all had failed accounts and setbacks along the way, but these things have given us valuable lessons which we now want to pass onto you, helping you to avoid making the same mistakes that we did when we started. Something we are very confident and proud of is our growing community, we are one big family that truly want nothing but success for one another!


Finally, we can’t make you a millionaire overnight, and none of us can be correct 100% of the time…but take a minute to think of how much time you spend each day scrolling on Facebook or watching Netflix… could you spare 30 minutes of that time every day to start changing your life? If you have that dedication, a big heart, are ready to hustle, and have a hungry desire for a better life, we WILL help you in every way we possibly can.

The rest is down to you!

“I would rather be tired than broke”

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Meet the team

Meet the Team

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-30 at 19.21_edited.jpg

HI all I'm Shaun Mapp currently live in 

Northamptonshire, UK with my incredibly supportive wife, our 3 beautiful daughters and dog Luna. 

I've been trading for 3 years and I'm a  100k funded Trader. I am a shareholders of Mybricks.

I Founded TFT in January 2020.

I am now Fully off the tools now through the success of forex, I used to have my own plumbing and heating business.

 I now help other Tradesmen achieve the same thing.




Hi I’m Matt. I live in the Midlands and I have over 25 years’ experience as a tradesman, running my own heating and plumbing business for the past decade. I manage my own property portfolio as a landlord, and I also trade the currency and crypto markets. I’m a shareholder, and part of the property team with the revolutionary and innovative MyBricks Finance. 


Initially, I got involved in FOREX circa 2010, and the first few years were an eye opener to how important mindset is in order to be successful in this industry. I joined TFT in September 2020, and my trading journey stepped up a gear from the support I received within the community. I believe I have made almost every trading mistake there is, and this has sculpted me into becoming the trader I am today; I wouldn’t be a funded trader without the support from TFT. I still play 6 a side football, although my knees and ankles keep telling me to stop!


Most importantly, I’m a family man trying to be the best father I can be. 



Hi all, I’m 31 years of age and I live in Bangor, North Wales. I’ve been trading now for over 4 years, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my journey so far. It hasn’t been easy, but nothing worth having in life is easy, right? Even learning to ride a bike from a young age takes time…


I run a successful taxi company alongside trading, but I’m slowly leaning to FOREX full-time. As you can imagine, I work unsociably long hours driving to airports and nightclubs etc. during all hours of the morning…which isn’t ideal because I like my bed!


I’m a very proud father to two boys and I’m due to get married in 2023! Becoming a funded FOREX trader has given me the flexibility to be at home with my kids, to witness precious moments, and still pursue my interests such as football, kayaking, walking, and going to the gym. Quality time with the family is irreplaceable. 


I trade off SMC – supply & demand, and structural price action.



Hi, my name is Reb and I live in Toowoomba, Australia. I began looking into trading during the beginning of COVID, and I joined the TFT in September 2020. My day job is a Managing Director of a residential construction company, and I’ve been doing this for 6 years now. On the weekend, you’ll find me golfing, water skiing, or camping with my family (I have a wife and 2 young children). I’m excited to be a part of TFT as an educator, and I’m eager to help you along your trading journey…from your very first candle to your first funded account!


WhatsApp Image 2021-08-30 at 19.51_edited.jpg

I’m currently 36 years old, and I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have been trading for 5 years; I’ve had my ups and downs along the way, but I’m now a consistently profitable trader! I now work part-time as a driver for a small printing company.


I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter who is one of the reasons that I decided to learn how to trade FOREX. You can always make more money, but you can never get your time back.



Hi, I’m Conor and I’m one of the TFT leaders. I’m 24 years old, from Milton Keynes, and have 5 years of trading experience! I am an engineer by trade, but I quit my job in 2021 to become a full-time trader. I trade the markets using the smart money concepts strategy, and also now teach this to the team. 


My goals in life are to become a millionaire before I turn 30, to help people worldwide move away from the ‘normal’ working life, and become a professional fighter whilst doing so!




Hi everyone, I’m Leon - proud Leader here in TFT! I currently live in Cornwall. 

I’m currently 35 years old and have been in the construction industry for 20 years. I’m a carpenter by trade, and ran my own development business for the last 8 years doing full refurbishments and new build projects up until December 2021. That’s when I took the leap to become a full-time currency trader;

I’ve been trading for 5 years, but it started as just a hobby until I found the TFT. With the support and the strategies I found in the group, I was able to take my trading to levels I didn’t think possible. Now, with multiple funded accounts, my main focus is the psychology of trading; psychology has always fascinated me in all walks of life and now, as an educator in the TFT, I’ve found somewhere I can pass on my experiences and knowledge to help others along their trading journeys. I find it incredibly fulfilling to see others succeed and being a part of that is far more rewarding than (and something I would never have found in) the construction industry!


My beautiful daughter is by far my greatest achievement to date. Being a full-time trader has also allowed me to be a full-time dad and co-parent with my amazing partner Stephanie.  We’re now looking to the future and ways of being able to spend time around the world, eat at incredible restaurants, and just live life to the fullest as a family. 


The skill and mindset of trading takes time and can’t be rushed, but it will change your life and believe me when I tell you…it’s worth it!





Hi, my name is Dean and I live in Buckinghamshire. I am an ex plumber/bathroom fitter and now a leader within TFT; I started FOREX trading in January 2020, shortly before the first COVID lockdown. Like so many people, if I wasn’t working, I wasn’t getting paid…so during COVID I knuckled down and concentrated on learning how to trade the financial markets. By all means it wasn’t easy, and every day is a learning day. Within TFT I provide the ‘newbie’ sessions. Trading and teaching have both turned into a true passion of mine, they have also allowed me to put down the tools and focus more on family life. 


You only live once, so make the most of it!




Hi, I’m Justin and I’m from Northamptonshire.


I’ve been trading FOREX, and involved within TFT, for over 2 years now. I’ve been a part of TFT since the start, when there were only about 15 of us and all we had was a Facebook messenger group!


It has been an amazing experience watching the group grow organically over the last few years, into what it has become today. I couldn’t be any prouder to now be one of the leaders in this great community that we have all built together. 


I now trade FOREX consistently; great risk management and a winning mindset have allowed me to do this. The FOREX knowledge I have gained over the years has also allowed me to venture into the world of Futures trading in Crpyto, which has allowed me to hit the ground running. 


Using SMC, market structure, and finding key levels in the market have all been possible from the solid knowledge I have gained from years of learning FOREX. 


I look forward to welcoming you into our community, and sharing the FOREX and Crypto knowledge that I’ve gained, in order to help as many people on their journeys too.


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