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Tradesmen it's time to get your time back!

Who are we?

Tradesmen To Forex Traders (TFT) is an educational platform devoted to helping tradesmen get their time back through currency trading. TFT has helped guide over 1000 community members through their forex journey, from absolute beginner to advanced. With in house education, trading psychology, tried and tested strategies, TFT is here to support tradesmen at all levels!


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Great group to be part of and not just for the trading education. I've been in and out of TFT since 2021 and not only have I learnt so much and improved my trading ability massively, but I've also found that its just an all round nice bunch of people involved. Theres always a member of the team around to help you if you need it and no question is ever looked upon as being silly. Even when it comes to other members in the group theres always somebody happy to help you out if your struggling with something.

Jack Adams

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